New kind of ports

meka meka at
Sat Jun 25 15:43:41 GMT 2005

On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 01:12:57 +1000
Sam Lawrance <boris at> wrote:

> In that case you want 'make checksum'. See the 'ports' manpage.
	Maybe I didn't express my self right. How about the (meta) rule
	checksum || do-fetch

> I'm not sure what you're after here, perhaps misc/porteasy or
> devel/portcheckout will do what you want.
	I didn't test portcheckout, but make as a program work like "satisfy dependencies first, and then the rule". So, this is why I said ports system works weird.

I hope you got it. I know my english is not so good, but I hope you know what I want to gain.

> -Sam

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