New kind of ports

meka meka at
Sat Jun 25 15:00:52 GMT 2005

	I've discovered existence of FreeBSD in 2000. That was the biggest discovery in my life. Ports system was just great. Then, I had to install linux and wipe out bsd. I've found gentoo the closest solution to freebsd's ports system. Portage (equivalent to ports in bsd) has some adventages (and disadventages, too, but purpose of this mail is inprooving ports system), but I would like to point out to just few of them. First is the download. If one does make fetch, interupts it, and does make fetch again, nothing happens. Second, why does make has such a weird dependency? I mean, wouldn't it be more logical to behave like make dependencies and then unpack it self?
	Now. This is a lot of work if one like to make things "right". There's nothing wrong with the old way, but it simply can be better. First, this idea with the new kind of ports would require a far less disk space if dependency tree is deep. I am willing to start making this new, but is this going to be accepted if the nothing but those things I pointed out would be changed? I will start this work next month, but wouldn't like to start something the rest of you guys will not accept. Of course, anyone can join, but I have no server for this. If anyone would like to work with me on this, can you provide a server? It's not a problem for me to work alone, but I'm a dial-up user, so you see the problem with sharing the work.

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