FreeBSD Port: doorman-0.8

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Thu Jun 23 21:59:58 GMT 2005

Sorry for previous email about knock. I could not find it using
locate command. Then I forced a rebuild of the locate DB and I found
it them.  My error.

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I have now moved further on in the testing of doorman. I have ipf
log the inbound port 1001 windows generated knock packet and see it
passing the firewall, but nothing happens. Doorman does not issue
any message that it even knows the knock is there. So I decided to
try the UNIX version of the knock program and low and behold it's
not provided as part of the doorman port. Went online to check the
port system and there is not knock port.

I would think that the knock program, it's config file and man pages
should have been part of the doorman port. What do you think? How
can this be fixed?

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