courier mailer

Milan Obuch milan at
Thu Jun 23 12:54:13 GMT 2005

On Thursday 23 June 2005 14:26, dick hoogendijk wrote:
> Hello
> Can someone please tell me when it will be possible again to install
> courier to replace sendmail?
> What will happen if I change the makefile in mail/courier and remove the
> BROKEN statement. Will it compile and install then? What file
> permissions exactly will be changed?
> And why does it take _so_ long to have courier back. Will it ever be
> back?

Yes, it took long already. I was upset too and prepared my personal/unofficial 
0.50.0 port. It need some more polishing, but it works reasonably well for me 
and (hopefully) for others too. Please try it. You can find it at I will try to find some more time to get this PR'ed and 
hopefully commited, your feedback in this issue is really welcome.

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