INDEX build failed for 4.x

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Jun 23 04:53:33 GMT 2005

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX - please wait.. Done.
Warning: Duplicate INDEX entry: unison-2.10.2

Committers on the hook:
ahze anholt erwin oliver vanilla 

Most recent CVS update was:
U chinese/gcin/Makefile
U chinese/gcin/distinfo
U chinese/gcin/files/extra-patch-data-noseeing.cin
U games/alephone/files/patch-Source_Files-Misc-thread_priority_sdl_posix.cpp
U multimedia/vlc-devel/Makefile
U multimedia/vlc-devel/distinfo
U net/Makefile
U x11-servers/xorg-server-snap/Makefile
U x11-servers/xorg-server-snap/distinfo
U x11-servers/xorg-server-snap/files/patch-drm-Imakefile
U x11-servers/xorg-server-snap/files/patch-radeon_driver.c

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