Adding a new port or modifying an old one?

gnn at gnn at
Wed Jun 22 04:26:41 GMT 2005


I have made some modifications to a program that is in ports
(security/flawfinder) and would like to contribute these back.  The
original author of the code (David Wheeler) has not responded to
several emails.  I have cc'd the maintainer of the port.

Flawfinder is a code scanner that currently only works on C and C++.
The changes modify both the underlying code and add new files to the
installation so that the program can now be customized to search other
types of code.  I plan to make other changes to the code to increase
its accuracy.  These can also likely remain as patches though
eventually much of the code in the program will be replaced and
perhaps then I will have to create a new program and port.

Please advise me how to proceed in this matter.  Should I:

1) Add an option to the Makefile to download the patch and install
   the upgraded version?

2) Create a new port that is a derivative?

3) Do something else I have not thought of?

The patch is at:


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