www/mod_jk out dated?

David Ryan david at livemedia.com.au
Tue Jun 21 00:33:59 GMT 2005

I have a server with Apache and Tomcat installed using www/mod_jk2 as 
the connector between the two.  After a few hours of searching yesterday 
I discovered that mod_jk2 is no longer being supported.  Instead, 
development has continued on the original mod_jk.  Neither ports for 
mod_jk or mod_jk2 have been updated since Dec 2004.  mod_jk version 
1.2.6 was the last port version.  mod_jk is now at 1.2.13 which was 
released 16 May 2005.

Details of mod_jk can be found at 

What happens in this situation?  I've never created a port, so am 
probably not the best person to maintain it.  I will be attempting to 
build the latest mod_jk, however, I'm suprised how far out of date this 
is.  I thought a lot of people used FreeBSD as web servers (I guess not 
java web servers).


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