Linux DC++ port created, want test or help?

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at
Mon Jun 20 23:26:20 GMT 2005

Hello folks,

I have created a linuxdcpp port, it has some stability problems but runs  
pretty well so far. It uses GTK2 and libglade2 stuff. It won't be in ports  
tree for a while until the author makes the decision for change name or  
not and when tarball is released. Also, it's not very active project but  
update depend on like two to five times in weeks or a month. I have  
created a tarball with date for version when I checkout from CVS and put  
it in my freefall space.

Port: (binary is dcpp,  

As for FreeBSD 4.x user, I wouldn't be surprised if it will need to add  
USE_GCC=3.4 in Makefile. Maybe not, but don't report to me unless you are  
going to bother create a patch. are more info:

1) I disabled the BinReloc ( and prefix.hh) stuff complete.  
BinReloc needs to die. However, I replaced all of those to DATADIR path.

2) I had to disable atomic, because it wouldn't compile. If anyone know  
how to patch it, please feel free to do it and send it to me. It's small  
and is in ${WRKSRC}/client/Thread.h .

3) It doesn't respect the PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS, I am not sure  
how to do with scons yet.

PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER to get it compiles. I don't remember what's  
right way to do it, but I will checking in mplayer-plugins or some other  
port that I don't remember what I did. If it's right, then it's great.

5) I hope, I did it right for FD_SETSIZE stuff. files/patch-config.h

6) Sometimes it would get disconnect for no reason, but it will  
auto-connect by itself. Maybe Linux has the same problem.

7) I think, the hash is slow. Maybe Linux has the same problem.

I think, that's all for now. Have fun!


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