NFS + beep-media-player

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Jun 20 05:23:43 GMT 2005


anyone here using beep-media-player to play files (mp3 in my case) over
nfs? Each time my nfs server dies, bmp gets stuck. That is ok so far. But
when my NFS server is back online, bmp is still stuck (every other
application which stoped during downtime is back working). The only
choice I have is rebooting the system which really sucks bad because of
the temperature my nfs server dies aprox. once a day ;)
XMMS I used before on 4.11 didn't had that problem.

I'm using bmp from CVS (switched to that in hope it might fix my problem,
it doesn't) and running 6-CURRENT as of 24th of may on an amd64.

 Oliver Lehmann

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