need hand-holder for new port

Arnt Gulbrandsen arnt at
Sun Jun 19 13:01:40 GMT 2005


at work we want to add a port to freebsd. Open source server, nifty and 
useful and innovative, works well on freebsd.

We're willing to do most/all of the work, but we would like some 
handholding for the first version (to be released late July). I hope it 
won't involve much more than looking at the port and saying "that looks 
good", but of course it is a first port.

And of course, someone must actually commit the port. Me? (I have an old account that I cannot log into for lack of an ssh key. I 
used it to build and test Qt 1.x on freebsd before release, and haven't 
used it since I left Trolltech. I suppose that account could be 


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