graphics/ruby-rmagick broken on FreeBSD 5.3

Björn König bkoenig at
Thu Jun 16 10:20:12 GMT 2005

Ryan Grove wrote:

> The graphics/ruby-rmagick port is already marked BROKEN on FreeBSD 4.x, 
> but I can't get it to compile on 5.3 either. In addition, the port is 
> woefully out of date. It installs version 1.7.0, but the latest version 
> is 1.8.2, released June 11, 2005.

Hello Ruby,

I submitted an update of this port right now. Please test the patch I 
attached to this mail. Put the file to /usr/ports/graphics/ruby-rmagick 
and apply it with patch -i ruby-magick.diff.

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