XFree86 ports upgraded to 4.5.0

Dejan Lesjak dejan.lesjak at ijs.si
Wed Jun 15 03:26:26 GMT 2005


Xfree86 in ports has been upgraded to 4.5.0 release. You can find release 
notes here:

* General note:                                                        *
* Please use portupgrade or similar tools to upgrade ports in proper   *
* order.                                                               *
* imake should be upgraded first, then XFree86-4-libraries and then    *
* others.                                                              *
* Also note that freetype 2.1.9 is needed, so be sure to have          *
* freetype2 port at latest version in ports.                           *

This upgrade brought to you thanks to kris & pointyhat cluster, testers on 
FreeBSD-X11@ list, a lot of responsive maintainers of other ports that I've 
managed to mess with along the process...
Also included are patches from grehan to make X work on PPC port.

Anyhow, Enjoy!


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