Building a port that fetches via CVS co

Danny Howard dannyman at
Tue Jun 14 23:07:32 GMT 2005


I am looking to build a "master port" to configure a system to house my
employer's web application.  Ideally, the port could accept a release
tag and other CVS config data and check the software out of our CVS
server.  Else, I can supply a tarball distfile in a seperate step.

I swear I remember watching a few ports that got their distfiles from a
CVS server, but I could find nothing in the porter's handbook or in about this.  And trying to search for this question is
rather difficult, given that cvsup and ports are so intertwined.

Does anyone have any pointers on this?  Please reply-all, as I am not
subscribed to freebsd-ports.  Thanks!



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