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Dan Nelson dnelson at
Mon Jun 13 18:09:46 GMT 2005

In the last episode (Jun 13), Dan Nelson said:
> In the last episode (Jun 13):
> > Oh, I didn't mean that. Both the configure script and the application 
> > Makefile are working. What I mean is,
> > that the configure script doesn't let me to specify --libdir, --bindir, ...
> > Thus a lot of files would be installed directly under the default 
> > ${PREFIX}, which is /usr/local, that's why I
> >
> > would like to specify a separated subdirectory under the ${PREFIX}, but my
> > CONFIGURE_ARGS=--prefix=${PREFIX}/appname doesn't work, but I don't know 
> > why.
> Yes, that should have worked.  Does it do what you want if you manually
> run ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/appname ?  If not, then the
> configure script of the Makefile is broken, and you will need to patch
> it or install the files yourself.

Also, if you remove the leading @-sign from line 3293 of
ports/Mk/, you can see the exact commandline that the port
Makefile uses when it tries to run the configure script.

	Dan Nelson
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