math/R 2.10 graphics device: Error in X11() : could not find any X11 fonts - Check that the Font Path is correct

Jeffrey Racine racinej at
Mon Jun 13 18:04:32 GMT 2005

Hi Rainer.

Thanks for your kind response.

Yes, I installed with a fresh cvs tree and portupgrade, so it is a stock

The problem appears to be something with fonts and gnome, but it appears
to be a bug though perhaps not in gnome. If I run straight X with twm,
graphics are fine. However, under gnome 2.10 I get this report on two
different systems (one with 5.4 stable, one with 6.0 current)

It is most odd as gnome 2.10 runs everything without a hitch... by
chance do you have access to a gnome setup to try things?

-- Jeff
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