Makefile question

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at
Mon Jun 13 17:57:34 GMT 2005

Oh, I didn't mean that. Both the configure script and the application 
Makefile are working. What I mean is,
that the configure script doesn't let me to specify --libdir, --bindir, ...
Thus a lot of files would be installed directly under the default 
${PREFIX}, which is /usr/local, that's why I
would like to specify a separated subdirectory under the ${PREFIX}, but my
CONFIGURE_ARGS=--prefix=${PREFIX}/appname doesn't work, but I don't know 
I thought it is syntactically correct, but it had the same effect as is 
I wrote only ${PREFIX} instead of


Gábor Kövesdán

Dan Nelson wrote:

>Maybe the problem is not the configure script but the Makefile install
>target.  Check to see what the generated Makefile looks like.  It's
>possible that it uses gnumake syntax, in which case you may need
>USE_GMAKE=yes in the port Makefile.  Or, if it doesn't install many
>files, you can just provide a do-install: target in your port Makefile
>and install the files yourself.

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