FreeBSD Port: vmd-1.8.3

Sangwoo Shim ssw at
Mon Jun 13 01:44:20 GMT 2005

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 01:06:51PM +0000, Osmany Guirola Cruz wrote:
> Hi 
>  i am using vmd port and found little no so serious bugs
> when i try to do a cartoon representation of a protein i get 
> this errors in the vmd console 
> ERROR) Unable to open input file '/usr/tmp/tmp.n8ebrB' for writing.
> ERROR) Stride::write_stride_record: unable to write input file for
> Stride
> ERROR) Call to Stride program failed.
> i can't write to folder /usr/tmp/ but i supose that the original path
> shoud be /tmp/ and then can have write permissions 
> i create the folder /usr/tmp/ and then as root run the program without
> problems , this is not so serious but should be fixed....

I've also noticed this.
I put the routines that prints TMPDIR in Stride.C and tried cartoon
representation. It seems that vmd set TMPDIR to /usr/tmp before calling
tempnam() but I couldn't find any spot setting TMPDIR when I tried to find a
while ago :-)

You can set TMPDIR=/tmp before excuting vmd for the workarounds.

My last term exams and projects will be over today, so hopefully I can
look into this really soon. Thanks for the reminder. 

> Thanks for mantain a bioinformatic tool in the port tree :-)

You're welcome :) I'm gratuate student majoring in chemistry and use this tool
daily. What a cool stuff, huh? ;)

Sangwoo Shim
> Osmany

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