Can lynx be compiled with cgi support?

Lars Eighner eighner at
Sun Jun 12 18:00:47 GMT 2005

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Steven Friedrich wrote:

> I've installed p5-xmltv to download tv listings.
> I'd like to be able to display them without installing apache 8o)
> Can the lynx in the ports collection be compiled with cgi support?

Yes.  You can add --enable-cgi-links in the Makefile or set
LYNXCGI_LINKS in the make command line.  (I'm not sure what the
default is).  You can set environmental variables for the cgi
in lynx.cfg where you can also restrict cgi execution to
certain directories (if desired) and set document root for cgi
(if necessary).  See Supported URLs in lynx help for more
information about lynxcgi links.

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