Including PREFIX/etc/rc.d/* scripts in the system's rcorder for startup in 6.0-Release

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Fri Jun 10 09:55:26 GMT 2005

Doug Barton <dougb at> wrote:

> The first part of the approach is to hack /etc/rc.d/localpkg to use rcorder
> to handle the keywords that are already in the scripts with *.sh filename
> patterns. This will preserve the lexical ordering that exists now, while
> giving port authors (and users of course) the ability to start using
> keywords with existing scripts that fit the *.sh pattern.
> Part two of this proposal is to hack on /etc/rc to use rcorder on any
> scripts in PREFIX/etc/rc.d that DON'T use the *.sh filename pattern, but DO
> include a new keyword (that will be specified). In this way, port authors
> and users can start opting into the new system at their convenience. Once
> the new system has been in place "long enough," we can drop processing for
> the special key word, and just handle all rc.d scripts the same, regardless
> of their location.

The current way of handling non-rc_order scripts is to only execute
*.sh-scripts with an execute bit. In my tree I have a patch (first part of which
explicitely lists scripts without an execute bit. I think this is useful (it
solves the "Huh? Why doesn't it start up? Do I have a typo in the config? Ah!
No! There's no execute bit set!"-problem).

Even if the "old-style" scripts will get deprecated, I think it would be nice
to add something like this to at least the startup of the old-style scripts.
I don't mind if such a functionality would also show up for the rc_order


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