Courier-imap upgrade headaches

Clint Olsen clint at
Thu Jun 9 18:22:01 GMT 2005

I know I should never touch this, but I'm always doing this to myself.  An
upgrade of Courier and authlib broke my imap yet again.  This time it set
by default a bunch of modules that require separate installs if you don't
want authdaemond to whine.  I just disabled authvchkpw entirely since I
couldn't find out what the heck it did from the documentation and it
appeared to have dependencies to Qmail components (!).

So, I've Googled around quite a bit, and I don't know why I'm seeing this

Jun  9 00:00:17 belle imapd-ssl: Error: Input/output error
Jun  9 00:00:17 belle imapd-ssl: Check for proper operation and configuration
Jun  9 00:00:17 belle imapd-ssl: of the File Access Monitor daemon (famd).
Jun  9 00:01:17 belle imapd-ssl: Failed to create cache file: maildirwatch (clint) 

I can't find anywhere except one place with a reference to famd on the
Courier website.  If it's not required, why is it an error?

Is it just me or is Courier's continuous re-architecture a real PITA?


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