supraexpress at globaleyes.net supraexpress at globaleyes.net
Wed Jun 8 20:50:36 GMT 2005

OK - I found a copy of the "html/Resources.html" file. It might help to have
a pointer to it in the MANual page, and something a little more specific than
just "Resources file" as given for the color scheme.

As a side note - some installations, such as FreeBSD's "port", does not
include this file.

FreeBSD Ports Maintainer: it would be nice if there was a SHARE folder entry
for x3270 where the source HTML directory files, and other MANual pages, can
be stored.

On  8 Jun, Paul Mattes wrote:
> supraexpress at globaleyes.net wrote:
>>Your suggestion works like a charm - thanks!
> My pleasure.
>>P.S. I didn't see any mention of the doConfirms resource in the MANual page
>>for x3270.
> There are too many options like this to put them all on the man page.  
> It should be in html/Resources.html, though.

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