Breaking up a monolithic patch

Loren M. Lang lorenl at
Tue Jun 7 19:50:19 GMT 2005

I have been working on porting Cinelerra to freebsd and I currently have
one large monolithic patch that will make cinelerra compile and run on
freebsd.  Now I am trying to figure out how to break it up.  It looks
like the simplest method would be to break it up for each file that's
modified, then I could use the existing update-patches framework to
maintain it.  But I think the better solution would be to break it up
functionally, though it's harder to maintain.  I could make a series of
patches to be applied in order, where one patch would modify cinelerra
to have a customizable prefix, another would disable the linux firewire
support.  This approach would make several patches that will overlap
some and touch some of the same files, but it would be more useful in
the long run.  It would be easy to see what was modified to disable
firewire and figure out how to update it to use the freebsd firewire
support instead of disabling it.  If I do this though, I'll probably
need to spend some time making a script to help generate the patches
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