mysql4x-server marked as broken ?

Shane Ambler Shane at
Tue Jun 7 00:45:58 GMT 2005

Mysql not being able to save to disk sounds more like the data directory has
bad permission settings.

Is the owner of the data directory mysql? You have this at /usr/mysql
If not are you running the mysql server as a different user?

On 7/6/05 7:18 AM, "Avinash Piare" <avinash at> wrote:

> Hi Clem,
> I'm sorry, didn't knew you wrote Mk/ :o)
> I understand that i can't have MySQL 4.0.x client and MySQL 4.1.x server
> I installed MySQL 4.0.x client and MySQL 4.0.x server with -DTRYBROKEN (i
> had to :s ). All the packages depending on MySQL 4.0.x where installed using
> As i stated before: i really tried to install MySQL 4.0.x in teh first
> place, but got the error. In the preception of 4.0.x being broken, i tried
> to install 4.1.x instead (zo not together or the 4.0.x client with the 4.1.x
> server or visa versa). Well that didn't work out also. That's when i
> installed the port and it's dependencies with -DTRYBROKEN
> Now i run into another problem: i added an new user to the MySQL server and
> try to grant it privilges to a DB. It works, but the configuration isn't
> saved (my guess; it hade something to do with the port being classified as
> broken); the user doesn't get the privilges. I can't really seem to find an
> error on this ...
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> Onderwerp: Re: mysql4x-server marked as broken ?
> On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 10:02:06PM +0200, Avinash Piare wrote:
>> In my Mk/ it says
> I know, I mostly write it ;-)
>> So it was support to make mysql40-server without any probs right ? If
>> so, it didn't because i tried 40 and it gave me the same error
> Sure. you tried to install mysql 4.1 but you prefer 4.0.
> Purpose of WITH_MYSQL_VER is to avoid weak dependencies. I will set your
> MySQL preference across the ports tree. Since MySQL server ports depends on
> MySQL clients one, you're facinga chicken and eggs problems. You _can't_,
> for example, have MySQL 4.0.x client and MySQL 4.1.x server.
> clem
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