mysql4x-server marked as broken ?

Avinash Piare avinash at
Mon Jun 6 21:48:19 GMT 2005

Hi Clem,

I'm sorry, didn't knew you wrote Mk/ :o)

I understand that i can't have MySQL 4.0.x client and MySQL 4.1.x server

I installed MySQL 4.0.x client and MySQL 4.0.x server with -DTRYBROKEN (i
had to :s ). All the packages depending on MySQL 4.0.x where installed using

As i stated before: i really tried to install MySQL 4.0.x in teh first
place, but got the error. In the preception of 4.0.x being broken, i tried
to install 4.1.x instead (zo not together or the 4.0.x client with the 4.1.x
server or visa versa). Well that didn't work out also. That's when i
installed the port and it's dependencies with -DTRYBROKEN

Now i run into another problem: i added an new user to the MySQL server and
try to grant it privilges to a DB. It works, but the configuration isn't
saved (my guess; it hade something to do with the port being classified as
broken); the user doesn't get the privilges. I can't really seem to find an
error on this ... 

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Onderwerp: Re: mysql4x-server marked as broken ?

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 10:02:06PM +0200, Avinash Piare wrote:
> In my Mk/ it says
I know, I mostly write it ;-)

> So it was support to make mysql40-server without any probs right ? If 
> so, it didn't because i tried 40 and it gave me the same error

Sure. you tried to install mysql 4.1 but you prefer 4.0.
Purpose of WITH_MYSQL_VER is to avoid weak dependencies. I will set your
MySQL preference across the ports tree. Since MySQL server ports depends on
MySQL clients one, you're facinga chicken and eggs problems. You _can't_,
for example, have MySQL 4.0.x client and MySQL 4.1.x server.


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