mysql4x-server marked as broken ?

Avinash Piare avinash at
Sun Jun 5 12:59:30 GMT 2005

Hi all,
For the last 2 days if been trying to install mysql40-server and (apart form
mysql40) mysql41-server. I've updated my ports and src and there
mysql40/mysql41-server isn't broken, see below.
(more after output below)
find . -exec grep BROKEN {} \; -print
BROKEN=         "Does not compile on !i386"
BROKEN= "Does not build on FreeBSD-4.x"
BROKEN=         "Not compatible with latest GHC yet"
BROKEN=         "Does not compile on FreeBSD 4.x"
BROKEN=         "Does not compile on FreeBSD >=5.x on !i386"
BROKEN_WITH_MYSQL=      323 40
BROKEN=         Does not build on 4.x
BROKEN=         "Incomplete pkg-plist"
BROKEN= "Should only select one of ODBC and IODBC"
BROKEN=         "Does not compile"
BROKEN=         "Does not build"
BROKEN=         "Coredump during build on alpha 4.x"
BROKEN=         "Coredump during build on alpha 4.x"
BROKEN=         "WITH_BDB_VER must be 3, 4, 41 or 42"
BROKEN=         This port requires python 2.2 or later
BROKEN=         "Does not build on amd64 (needs to link against shared
BROKEN=         "Fails self-test during build"
The error i get installing mysql4x-server is:
cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql41-server && make install
===>  mysql-server-4.1.11_1 is marked as broken: The port wants
mysql41-client and you try to install mysql4-client..
The client installs whithout problems. Then when i try to install the
-server again, i keep getting the same error.
Here is a snippit of my pkgtools.conf
    'databases/mysql40-client' => [
    'databases/mysql40-server' => [

Is there someting i'm overlooking ? 
I hope u can help me
Avinash Piare

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