FreeBSD%20Port: 3ddesktop-0.2.8_1

Osmany Guirola Cruz osmany.guirola at
Sat Jun 4 18:25:07 GMT 2005

I want ti know if is it possible use 3ddesktop with nvidia cards
(in my case Geforce2 200 MX) i have the nvidia drivers not xorg drivers
i have load glx in the xorg.conf and when i try to use it 
i got this error

Attempting to start 3ddesktop server.
Daemon started.  Run 3ddesk to activate.
3ddeskd: glXIsDirect failed, no Direct Rendering possible!
3ddeskd: Please configure hardware acceleration.  Exiting.

I HAVE  HARDWARE ACCELERATION .... i dont understand this
What can i do?



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