Strange problem in Current with Pear.

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Sat Jun 4 01:27:03 GMT 2005

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>>> Thanks for the suggestion.  I removed the link and the problem
>>> persists. I have two other machines that are working fine with the same
>>> cpu, same pear link, no noticable differences that I can find although
>>> there has to be one ;)  So I have three that have this problem and two
>>> that don't.  Thanks, again. ed
>> Edwin,
>> Could you please create a package (with `pkg_create -b') on a machine
>> without the problem, transfer this package on a machine with the
>> problem, and install this package (with pkg_add). Then we will know if
>> the problem depends on the build conditions or on the runtime
>> environment.
> Yes, of course, Thierry.  First I'm trying to understand why I am now 
> down from 2 of 5 working to 1 of 5 working and without touching php, 
> pear or apache.  The only thing that I did on the one that no longer 
> works was run portupgrade -a , mergemaster and reset the machine to 
> run today's kernel.  The one left that works has an old kernel from 
> May 19 that I am now backing up and will copy to one of the machines 
> that doesn't work just for kicks.  I can't imagine that the kernel is 
> the problem but hope springs erternal, as they say ;)

Confirmed.  The problem does seem to be the kernel.  With a May 19, 
kernel it is working perfectly.  That is why none of this made any 
since and I assumed that I had made a mistake compiling php5 and pear 
but it became more wierd when php4 and pear had the same symptoms and 
then two machines that had worked didn't and finally a machine that 
worked this morning didn't after shutdown -r.

The question no is, "Now what do I do?"



> Thanks, again, Thierry,
> ed
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