[PATCH] devel/bison: update to 2.0, take maintainership

Björn König bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 3 19:53:01 GMT 2005

Renato Botelho wrote:

> I didn't know it's not backward compatible, so, I'll make a new patch
> to add bison20 and bison18 ports.

Well, it's still an assumption. I just wanted to say that it needs 
further investigations to deceide if devel/bison can be updated to 2.0. 
Did you? There was enough time since the release of 2.0.

At least bison 1.875 made problems. I quote the intial comment of 

"Add bison 1.875. Some grammars require the new version of Bison (such 
as PostgreSQL), however the new bison also breaks many many ports. 
Compromise with a new port. Installs as bison and _not_ bison1875 and 
should be mutually exclusive to the main bison port.  Hopefully the 
bison authors will clean up their product and this port can disappear 
when the base bison port is updated in the future or enough ports are 
updated to work with newer versions of bison."


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