kadmin (heimdal port) ignores the ldap backend

fandino fandino at ng.fadesa.es
Fri Jun 3 02:41:38 PDT 2005

Boris Samorodov wrote:
>>I removed temporally all /usr/lib/libkadm5srv* libraries and as results
>>kadmin was forced to load /usr/local libraries, but I get the same
>>problem :-(
>>again kadmin doesn't use ldap and fallback to database files.
> From your dump:
>  58516 kadmin   CALL  access(0x28079000,0)
>  58516 kadmin   NAMI  "/usr/lib/libhdb.so.7"
>  58516 kadmin   RET   access 0
>  58516 kadmin   CALL  open(0x28076040,0,0xbfbfebcc)
>  58516 kadmin   NAMI  "/usr/lib/libhdb.so.7"
>  58516 kadmin   RET   open 3
>  58516 kadmin   CALL  fstat(0x3,0xbfbfebcc)
>  58516 kadmin   RET   fstat 0
>  58516 kadmin   CALL  read(0x3,0x28070c40,0x1000)
>  58516 kadmin   GIO   fd 3 read 4096 bytes
> Thus kadmin is using the system libhdb. The port version shuold be at
> /usr/local/lib.

Effectively /usr/lib/libhdb.so.7 was the cause of the problem. Thank you Boris.

I'd like to ask what is the proper way of treat with this conflict?
is it unavoidable?
is there any solution?

Also it'd be interesting if a warning was printed by the port install script
advising the consequences of enable "LDAP backend" in the heimdal port.

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