php5 weirdity

Steve Watt steve at Watt.COM
Fri Jun 3 06:17:38 GMT 2005

I recently upgraded my system from php4 to php5 with a bunch of
'portupgrade -f -o lang/php5{something} php4{something}' commands.  But
the package dependencies came out strange -- there are a few things
(mnogosearch, php5-extensions, and php5-mnogosearch) that show up with
dependencies on both apache2 (which is what I have installed) and
apache13 (which I do *not* have installed).

It's very strange looking, and makes me worry a bit about experimenting
with portmanager, for fear that it will attempt to install apache13.

Am I going to get in trouble with this?  Should I edit the +CONTENTS
files to remove those dependencies?  Where did they come from?

System is 5-STABLE updated in early May, ports tree was updated
2 Jun around 0300Z.

Pls Cc:, I'm not subscribed to ports.

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