Dependencies for Mozplugger

Loren M. Lang lorenl at
Thu Jun 2 23:16:19 GMT 2005

I'm almost finished porting mozplugger to freebsd, but I'm not sure what
to do for the dependencies.  Mozplugger itself doesn't seem to need a
web browser installed to be built, but it will need one to be useful
once it's installed.  Though, I think it should work with mozilla,
firefox, opera, galeon, etc. so should I just not bother with a run
dependency and assume, (or post a message) that the user will install a
web browser along with it?

Also, mozplugger is designed to load arbitrary external viewers.  The
default config includes mplayer, xine, ooffice, acroread, and more, any
of which may or may not be installed.  Should I include some kind of
options to allow them to add corresponding dependencies for the viewers?

Otherwise mozplugger will be useless unless they explicitly install
those viewers.
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