about the idleness of some port maintainers

Bjoern Koenig bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 2 08:02:04 GMT 2005

Anders Nordby wrote:

> This port [(print/acroread7)] is special,

Why is it special?

> there has been different opinions about what and
> how to deal with it.

That's why I asked for more concrete guide lines than the porter's 
handbook covers. It is a kind of contradiction if you say that that 
there are well defined policies and on the other hand there is enough 
space to have opinions about how to deal with a port.

> If it is PR ports/81233 you are thinking about, pav asked the maintainer
> on may 19. So if he did not get any feedback, he should be free to
> commit the patch today actually.

What happens if pav commits the patch now and let's say in one week 
Adobe offers a new revision of Acrobat Reader and somebody sends an 
update? Shall we wait two weeks again until somebody notices that the 
maintainer still does not answer? The waiting for the timeout to commit 
ports/81233 is already the second two-week timeout in series.


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