John Von Essen john at quonix.net
Thu Jun 2 01:12:12 GMT 2005

Ports is listed as the maintainer for this package.

I have noticed (4.10) that when you quit out of iftop (version 0.16) 
two PIDs remain in the background. If you run iftop again, another two 
PID's are left, bringing it up to four, and so on.

Eventually, after the third or fourth time, you get:

interface: fxp0
Cannot obtain hardware address on this platform
IP address is:
pcap_open_live(fxp0): (no devices found) /dev/bpf4: No such file or 

This behavior doesn't exist on Linux or Solaris platform. Should I 
submit a PR, or contact iftop developers first and see what they have 
to say?

PS - I'm not subscribed to the list, so please include my address in 
your reply.


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