deinstall problem (reprise)

Danny Pansters danny at
Mon Jan 31 16:12:23 PST 2005

On Tuesday 1 February 2005 01:04, Lane wrote:
> Hey!
> I just noticed that the mythtv port I'm working on uses 'make uninstall'
> instead of 'make deinstall' in several of the generated Makefiles.
> How can I instruct the port Makefile to call 'make uninstall' for an
> indeterminate number of Makefiles?
> See ... the original program uses 'qmake' to generate the Makefile(s) then
> it uses GNU_CONFIGURE to compile everything.  So I don't know how many
> Makefile(s) will exist because various parameters will change that.

The uninstall target probably belongs to the original program. So why not call 
it in your Makefile upon deinstall (and check if everything else gets removed 
properly also)? Or have a deinstall script that does everything if it gets a 
bit too messy to stuff everything in the Makefile.

> Sheesh!  This is more complex than I thought it would be :)

Yes, it always is :)



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