How to deal with an arch you don't have access to (pointyhat)

Danny Pansters danny at
Mon Jan 31 14:51:27 PST 2005

Hi folks,

A port I maintain doesn't build on alpha 4. I have a possible solution (might 
need to repeat for other modules that may have the same problem), but since I 
only have i386 myself I can't test it. I would think this is not an uncommon 
situation and so I wanted to ask how do port maintainers deal with this?

Of course I can PR, then wait and see how pointyhat does, then perhaps PR  
again, etc. Doable but not very efficient, and I'm uncomfortable submitting 
stuff that isn't tested in any way. So, what do people normally do in such 
cases, try and find a guinea pig?

Or is it possible to build a port for another arch (I think not unless you 
also have/use a world built for that arch)?



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