RFC: sysutils/LPRng update

Florent Thoumie flz at xbsd.org
Sun Jan 30 08:23:54 PST 2005


	I've written an update for the sysutils/LPRng port but
	I'm not using it and I probably never will. The port
	currently doesn't register configuration files and
	with the new policy about left-over files, we can expect
	it to be marked as BROKEN soon.

	There are a lot of changes in the port but that shouldn't
	change the way you install LPRng.

	The major changes are :

	x if you install the port with SYSCONFDIR=/etc and you
	modify configuration files, they will be renamed with
	.saved suffix upon deinstall. .saved files are restored at
	install stage, so that portupgrade works correctly.
	x if you install the port with SYSCONFDIR=/etc, default
	lpr files (configuration, manpages and binaries) are saved
	with an .orig suffix. At deinstall, each file is restored if
	$file.orig is more recent than $file, that should be the case
	if you haven't modified $file, this is to avoid restoring
	old backuped files when you have later installed a new world.
	x all files are correctly added to the packing list.
	x i've replaced the original pkg-* scripts with a single one.

	Here is the patch [1]. Please give me some feedback before
	I send-pr.
	[1] http://www.xbsd.org/~flz/ports/lprng.diff

	PS: This message has been sent to ports@ since I saw a lot of
	maintainer timeouts on this port.

Florent Thoumie
flz at xbsd.org

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