[HEADS UP] perl symlinks in /usr/bin will be gone

Robert Watson rwatson at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jan 30 04:49:11 PST 2005

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Oliver Brandmueller wrote:

> - Don't change the behaviour on -STABLE (4.x, 5.x), but make an OPTION
>   available, that would turn on the "new" behaviour.
> - For -CURRENT (6.x and beyond), if the change comes, make an OPTION
>   available, to turn on the "old" behaviour.

I think I'd be against this also -- those who followed by google fight
link will have seen there were about 1.6 million references to
"#!/usr/bin/perl" in Google, vs only about 67,000 references to
"#!/usr/bin/env perl".  One of the important goals in the 6.x work is to
avoid creating unnecessary barriers to upgrades, in order to make
transition from 5-STABLE to 6-STABLE much more seamless than the
transition from 4-STABLE to 5-STABLE has been.  Breaking everyone's perl
scripts can hardly be described as "making upgrades seamless". :-)

Robert N M Watson

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