cclient-2004c1,1 breaks ssl mail.

Julien Gabel jgabel at
Sun Jan 30 04:22:30 PST 2005

> I just did a portupgrade of cclient
> and I get this message when trying to retrieve mail
> Logging into POP Server STLS (09:36:27)
> Server does not support SSL
> It also sets in the build
> SSL_CERT_DIRECTORY=/etc/ssl/certs
> SSL_KEY_DIRECTORY=/etc/ssl/private
> Where before it was:
> SSL_CERT_DIRECTORY=/usr/local/certs
> SSL_KEY_DIRECTORY=/usr/local/certs

'Got the same problem here, but i can't force to reinstall imap-uw
with cclient since the versions doesn't match!  Ouch, since i
deliver webmail via https and direct imaps email services, nobody
can access theses services from now...

There seems to be 2 problems here:
  1/ The versions of cclient and imap-uw _must_ match together;
  2/ The build variables SSL_*_DIRECTORY breaks compatibility,
     plus have nothing to do in the base path(s).

I will try to downgrade to the old cclient version and will see.


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