[HEADS UP] perl symlinks in /usr/bin will be gone

Kirill Ponomarew krion at voodoo.oberon.net
Sat Jan 29 13:28:09 PST 2005

On Sat, Jan 29, 2005 at 01:16:34PM -0800, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> > The thing is, that the whole idea of touching /usr/bin at all made sense
> > when perl was in the base system and we needed a way to "replace" it
> > with a version from ports.
> > 
> > Since we don't have it in the base for quite some time, there is no good
> > reason to continue cluttering /usr/bin with those symlinks.  So this
> > needs to be done eventually, and this seemed as good time as any to
> > introduce this change.
> Maybe we should continue to create (and also remove) the links for 5.x
> and try the change out in 6.x to see what kind of an impact is has.

In this case we can miss what ports are actually broken, since not
everyone is running 6.x.


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