Kernel module path for ports?

Craig Boston craig at
Fri Jan 28 17:04:39 PST 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 2:32 am, Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
> better ${PREFIX}/libexec/...

libexec seems like the logical choice, but so far I've not found any ports 
that put kernel modules there. (to make things easier I'm only looking at 
ones that have static pkg-plist files)

> > $PREFIX/modules
> Not an option

By far the majority of ports use this location.  I don't particularly like it 
because it's not there in a fresh install, nor is it mentioned in 
BSD.local.dist or hier(7).

> modules are arch-specific.  Can't go under ${PREFIX}/share/

ltmdm uses this, which is the port I initially used as a skeleton.  There are 
a couple others as well: comms/mwavem and sysutils/pmap.

I'll go with lib/$PORTNAME for now as it seems to be a decent compromise.  
It's easy enough to change should a clear standard emerge.

NOTE: I previously said I was using an rcNG script to load the module.  Upon 
further thought, that's unworkable for this particular port.  It's a USB 
device driver -- if the device is plugged in at boot, ugen will grab it 
before the script ever gets a chance to load the driver.  So the install 
script must copy it to /boot/modules and print a note on how to set up 

Thanks for your input!

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