GTK# apps crashing when moving scroll bars.

Tom McLaughlin tmclaugh at
Wed Jan 26 13:49:43 PST 2005

If anyone is having crashes when using a GTK# app (ex. Muine, monodoc,
tomboy, mcatalog, etc.) can you please email me.  I have two separate
reports of Monodoc and Muine both crashing when moving scrollbars.  I
can't reproduce this and many other users do not have this problem.  If
you are having crashes can you let me know what your CFLAGS are, your
GTK theme, and if you have made any changes to the GENERIC kernel config
(other than removing devices and adding sound).

The crash looks like it is in the unmanaged C code.  I am just learning
C# and debugging unmanaged C code is still a little ahead of me.  I'm
just looking for any common threads to help me recreate the crash and
narrow down the problem.  Thanks.



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