FreeBSD Port: qmail-1.03_3

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at
Wed Jan 26 03:03:42 PST 2005

Michael Sierchio <ducatista at> writes:

> only a perceived bug because of a lack of understanding of how
> operators are evaluated.

Are you talking to your mirror image? If not, please do.

> 4) Add qmail's sendmail emulation fix: "David Phillips noticed that
>    sendmail's '-f' option sets a default From: header, and so should
>    qmail's emulation."
> 	- Add distinfo checksum for the patch
> This is also bogus, IMO -- feature addition to software which has been
> well-audited and which makes security claims is simply a bad idea.

Well-audited? The audit doesn't mean anything if the author doesn't get
to address the dozens of bugs that are revealed in that process and so
are still in the most current version, 1.03.

Either you can point to a bug with the patch or you shut up. Today.

Matthias Andree

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