FreeBSD Port: awstats-6.2

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Wed Jan 26 01:39:07 PST 2005

On 2005.01.25 18:51:46 -0800, Charlie Schluting wrote:
> On 1/20/2005 11:37 AM, Joe Zeiler wrote:
> >Here are the diff's to upgrade to 6.3, if you could please update them.
> >
> If someone could do this soon, we'd all appreciate it.
> This just hit bugtraq.
> I don't think Joe submitted a PR (I couldn't find it). Should someone do it 
> on his behalf? :)

Well, someone should submit an update as a PR if people want this
updated.  I know several FreeBSD committers use awstats so it's likely
to get handled fast (though there still is the maintainer timeout
issue), if somebody submit it though the "proper channels" for such

Simon L. Nielsen
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