FreeBSD Port: mysql-server-4.0.23a

Björn König bkoenig at
Mon Jan 24 15:28:35 PST 2005

Daniel Briley schrieb:

>Here's the error output:
>In file included from mysql_priv.h:352,
>                 from
>item.h: In member function `virtual Item** Item_cache_row::addr(uint)':
>item.h:1296: error: `Itum' undeclared (first use this function)
Looks like a typical malicious bit error of faulty RAM.

Itum should be Item.

e = 0x65 = 0110 0101
u = 0x75 = 0111 0101

make clean and try install again and it might work without problems, but 
it is more possible that you'll get another error. Check your RAM.

Regards Björn

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