Typo in opensc-0.9.4 configure script

Bruce M Simpson bms at spc.org
Sat Jan 22 13:53:52 PST 2005


There is a typo in the OpenSSL version test in the configure script for
the 0.9.4 release.

The operator '==' is used instead of '='. This doesn't exist in FreeBSD's
version of 'test'.

I thought I should bring this to your attention as it causes unexpected
linking behaviour on FreeBSD and possibly other operating systems; the
error could be masked on Linux and possibly affects other platforms too.

This caused the static version of libcrypto to be linked in on all FreeBSD
platforms and versions despite OpenSSL being 0.9.7d or newer in the base
system. Yhis caused other problems in that the build did not work on AMD64,
as the relocations in its libcrypto.a are incompatible with shared ELF

I've committed an appropriate patch to FreeBSD's ports repo as a workaround
for now, it can be found at:-

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