Why does everybody switch to dynamic plists?

Thierry Thomas thierry at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jan 21 12:06:47 PST 2005

Le Ven 21 jan 05 à 20:52:02 +0100, Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at Leidinger.net>
 écrivait :
> Hi,


> can someone please tell me why people enjoy to use dynamic plists, even
> when there was a static plist already?
> With a dynamic plist:
>  - We lose the ability to search for files which aren't installed.
>    (useful for users)
>  - We lose the ability to determine if a particular port contains what
>    we search.
>    (useful for users)
>  - We lose the ability to check just with grep if two ports install
>    conflicting files (in case we get a report of a conflict it's very
>    nice to not need to install a port to verify the conflict).
>    (useful for users and port developers)
>  - We lose the ability to use portlint to check the plist (if the
>    maintainer checks the generated one he just can use a static plist).
>    BTW.: Does portlint know how to check the embedded plist (the
>    Makefile variables)?
>    (useful for port developers)
>  - We lose the ability to maybe answer support requests without the need
>    to install the software.
>    (useful for "the frontliners")
>  + We don't need to take care if the plist changes.
>    (useful for port developers)
> I count 1 positive and 5 negative aspects.

- if for some reason the port becomes uncomplete on certain platforms
or after an upgrade, because a file is not built, we don't notice it.
 => 6 negative aspects.
Th. Thomas.
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