Reverse engineering x11/xorg for VNC build

Vladimir Egorin vladimir at
Wed Jan 19 07:40:43 PST 2005

On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 05:36:11PM -0800, Clint Olsen wrote:
	> On Jan 19, Dejan Lesjak wrote:
	> > It would help to know which VNC are you building. There are a couple in
	> > ports tree already (like RealVNC in net/vnc). I'm not sure X ports will
	> > help you much as they are modified in a way that permits building and
	> > installing separate components of the distribution (and ports specific
	> > stuff like setting CFLAGS, PTHREAD_LIBS and such in ) and that might not
	> > be what your VNC sources are expecting. Other than that, building X
	> > outside of ports should work by just 'make World'.
	> I'm building RealVNC (net/vnc).  I've actually done this before (by hand),
	> but it's been awhile.  The port is quite a bit out of date now.  Ok, I see
	> the site host.def that's included in config/cf/host.def.  I'll try some of
	> those switches and see if that gives any better results.

I tried the same thing about a month ago; I've managed to build
VNC with sources, but the resulting server coredumps
when started.   There were a couple of reports about that on
VNC mailing lists, and suggested fixes, none of which worked.

VNC4 builds fine with XFree sources, and works very well.  I
have put together a port which should work on FreeBSD 5.x (not
on 4.x), it's at


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