Porting Kolab

Simon Barner barner at gmx.de
Wed Jan 19 05:28:44 PST 2005

Aaron, thanks for your efforts! I am redirecting this to the right
mailing list (ports at freebsd.org), thus the full-quote.


P.S.: I follow that list quite closely, and I cannot recall a thread
      about porting Kolab/kgroupware.

Aaron Siegel wrote:
> Hello
> After years of watching the Kolab/kgroupware project I have finally decide to 
> give it a try. Unfortunately Kolab is distributed using Openpkg the reason I 
> have put off installing the server. I do not want to use two different 
> package management systems on my computer especially if one of them is a rpm 
> based system. I have never liked using rpms even when I was running Red Hat. 
> I have decided to start the porting Kolab server to Freebsd I am hoping to 
> incorporate it into the ports collection and abandon the openpkg stuff. There 
> are people running  and developing Kolab on Freebsd system so I know there 
> are not any system level compatibility problems. I have started  the porting 
> process by cross referencing the openpkg names to the FreeBSD ports. As of 
> now I only see two packages that require a  patch specific to Kolab, 
> cyrus-imap and  apache. Kolab use five application that are not 
> in the FreeBSD ports collection, fsl (a wrapper for ossp-l2), kolabd, 
> kolab-webadmin, kolab-resource-handlers, and perl-kolab. These list are in a   
> preliminary state, I have not cross referenced all the Perl packages yet nor 
> have I confermined all the ports name match the openpkg names.
> Has anyone else thought of performing this port? Is there a discusion in the 
> FreeBSD community on openpkg and how it may or may not be incorporated into 
> the system?  
> Aaron
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