Reverse engineering x11/xorg for VNC build

Dejan Lesjak dejan.lesjak at
Tue Jan 18 17:23:35 PST 2005

On Wednesday 19 of January 2005 01:39, Clint Olsen wrote:
> On Jan 19, Dejan Lesjak wrote:
> > You are probably looking for
> > x11-servers/xorg-server/files/ You can probably just
> > throw a #define FreeBSDCC	cc #define FreeBSDCFLAGS in host.def or
> > define them on imake command line or something... I don't quite
> > understand what you are doing there, but feel free to contact me if you
> > get lost among Imakes :)
> I'm basically interested in doing a 'make World' in the tree.  With VNC, in
> order to build the vncserver (Xvnc for all practical purposes), you
> actually build the darn thing in the X source tree.  Building X is not my
> favorite waste of time, so I thought I'd leverage the work already done in
> the ports system.  So, I created a link tree so all the patches and goodies
> applied would be seen when I built this thing.  However, finding out even
> what the heck the top-level build command is in the ports system is not as
> easy as one would think.  And yes, I have gone to the webpage to see how a
> port is made.
> -Clint

It would help to know which VNC are you building. There are a couple in ports 
tree already (like RealVNC in net/vnc). I'm not sure X ports will help you 
much as they are modified in a way that permits building and installing 
separate components of the distribution (and ports specific stuff like 
setting CFLAGS, PTHREAD_LIBS and such in ) and that might not be what your 
VNC sources are expecting. Other than that, building X outside of ports 
should work by just 'make World'.


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