WITHOUT_X11 knob for mplayer

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie at le-hen.org
Tue Jan 18 03:43:52 PST 2005

> Ok, I'm going to update my patch today.  Thanks for the tip.

Well I updated the patch and then tried to rebuild mplayer on my no-X11
computer, unfortunately xorg-libraries has been built.

I had a look in the porter's handbook.  Here are the drawbacks I found
about using USE_IMAKE knob:

  Define USE_XLIB=yes if your port requires the X Window System to be
  installed (it is implied by USE_IMAKE).

  USE_IMAKE	The port uses imake. Implies USE_X_PREFIX.

Obviously, this would make my patch completely useless :-).

Whereas it can be interpreted as an inconsistency in the mplayer build
system (usage of imake(1) even if not linked with X11 libs), my opinion
is that this is a ports system weakness for this particular situation.
Nevertheless I'm convinced there are good reasons to have the USE_IMAKE
knob implying the USE_XLIB one.

I would like to circomvent the use of USE_IMAKE here.  Florent stated
that the imake version depends on X_WINDOWS_SYSTEM but my BUILD_DEPENDS
is only used when the WITHOUT_X11 knob is on.  Thus I think we could
use an arbitrary version of imake (say imake-6).  This won't be very
fair for those still running XFree86 as X_WINDOWS_SYSTEM and building
mplayer WITHOUT_X11, but there are obviously a very few.

Do you all agree with me ?
(Thus my patch will stay as-is, unless there is a good solution to
solve this problem.)

Jeremie Le Hen
jeremie at le-hen.org

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